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Biscuits and Cookies (Online)

Biscuits and Cookies (Online)


Amit Gupta


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Cookies: Ice box cookies, Oatmeal, Raisin cookies, Chocolate chips cookies, Almond slices, Butter tea cookies, Biscotti.
What you'll learn:
  • Learn to bake the perfect cookie the right way! With six different cookies and decorations all from scratch.
  • Learn all the various techniques of preparing and baking cookies.
  • Learn the various types of cookie dough such as the short crust pasty, biscuit dough and gingerbread.
  • Learn how to make the perfect French macaroon with the delicious filling to match.
  • Create professionally looking royal iced sugar cookies implementing different techniques and designs.
  • Learn all the tips and tricks and what to avoid while baking the perfect cookie.
  • Learn new trends in cookies such as the "cereal cookies".
Biscuits and Cookies is a comprehensive, easy to follow, step by step guide to the art of cookie making. If you always wanted to bake perfect cookies like the professionals or you are looking to upgrade your baking and decorating skills, this is the course for you.
You will learn how to effortlessly bake delicious, crunchy, and beautiful cookies and more importantly how to avoid all the common mistakes everyone makes while baking cookies, so you will never have a failed cookie again.
  • With this failed proof, tried and tested recipes you will learn how to:
  • Bake six different cookies using different common baking techniques.
  • Learn how to get that perfect crunchy bite.
  • Make stunning garnishes.
  • Learn how to work with royal icing in order to create beautiful decorations.
  • Learn the most intricate cookie of them all: the French macaroon
  • Learn the right way to roll out cookie dough so it will bake evenly and not stick
  • Experiment with different cookie shapes, designs and cutting methods.
  • Make different types of dough and learn how to work with each of them.
After you finish this course, you will be able to stun your friends and family with these knock out show stopping cookies or even expand to open you own business.

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